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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone when you visit the website. In these cookies, information about your website visit is stored. Cookies allow a website, for example, to recognize you on your next visit. This is useful if you do not want to log in again each time.

Are cookies safe?

The use of cookies is safe. No personal information, such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, can be derived from cookies. Google Analytics uses anonymous IP addresses. Therefore cookies cannot be used for e-mail and telemarketing actions. We find it important that you know which cookies our website uses and for what purposes they are used. Below you can read more about the cookies used by and through our website and for what purposes.

We use cookies that make sure the website works properly

Our website uses cookies for:
- Passing information from one page to the next, for example if a long survey is completed or if you have to fill in a lot of data when ordering online
- Saving preferences, such as language, location, the desired number of search results to be shown, etc.
- Saving settings for optimal video playback, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen
- Reading your browser settings to optimize displaying our website on your screen
- Tracking abuse of our website and services, for example, by registering a number of consecutive failed login attempts
- Equalizing the load on the website, so the site remains accessible
- Offering the possibility to save login details so you do not have to enter them every time
- Making it possible to respond to our website

We use cookies enabling us to measure the use of the website

In order to determine which parts of the website are most interesting to our visitors, we try to continuously measure, among other things with the help of third-party software, how many visitors come to our website and what is most viewed. We use cookies for this purpose. From the information we collect statistics are made. These statistics give us insight into how often our webpage is visited, where exactly visitors spend the most time, and so on. This enables us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible for you. The statistics and other reports do not identify individuals. We use cookies for:
- Keeping track of the number of visitors on our web pages
- Tracking the time that each visitor spends on our web pages
- Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website
- Assessing which parts of our site need adjustment
- Optimizing the website
We place these cookies via Google Analytics, which we have configured in such a way that IP addresses are anonymized and we have disabled Google from using the data for other services. No traceable data is therefore processed.

We use cookies for sharing the content of our website via social media

The content you view on our website can be shared via social media using buttons. For the functioning of these buttons we use social media cookies from social media parties, so they recognize you when you want to share an article or video. These cookies therefore make it possible for logged-in users of selected social media to share certain content of our website directly.


Other cookies

Some advertisements (or video messages) use cookies. We do not place any advertisements on our website. Because of the way the Internet and websites work, we may not always have insight into the cookies that are placed through our website by third parties. Should you encounter cookies on this website that fall into this category and that we have not mentioned above, please let us know. Or contact the third party directly and ask them what cookies they place and why.


How can I disable cookies?

Please be aware that if you do not want cookies, we can no longer guarantee that our website will work completely properly. It may be that some functions of the site are lost or even that you can no longer see certain websites at all. In addition, refusing cookies only has consequences for the browser and the computer on which you perform these actions. You make the choice yourself to disable or remove cookies in your browser or on your computer. How to adjust your settings varies by browser, more information on how to delete cookies, see the links below:

Disable cookies:

Finally !

We will have to adapt these statements from time to time, for example because our website or the rules surrounding cookies change. We may change the content of the statements and the cookies listed at any time without prior notice. You can consult this web page for the latest version. Should you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies.