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Wallfelt. Montage

Below you will find the instruction manual for installation of the wall panels, which can also be downloaded through this link, for mounting the wall panels in 6 clear steps with the double-sided adhesive tape. The tape has been specially developed by us so that the wall panel can also be easily removed from the wall. The tape has a foam layer of almost 1mm thickness so that the adhesion on not smooth, uneven, walls is also good. You can mount the wall panels also with a mounting glue or glue gun. The adhesion is then much stronger than with tape, however the wall panel will then be more difficult to remove and most likely damage the wall.


Adhesive tape

A double-sided adhesive tape, a "mounting tape" is a simple and quick way to mount the wall panel to the wall. You don't need to be an expert and you don't need any special tools. The only tools you need, besides the tape, are a pair of scissors (or Stanley knife) and a level. You can order the mounting tape and bubble level from the webshop if you want.

Before applying the tape, make sure the surface is clean and dry. The surface must be free of grease and dust because then the tape will "stick" best. For a clean surface, it is best to use methylated spirits.
Applying the double-sided tape is very easy. Once you take the tape off the roll, the sticky side should be attached to the wall panel. The tape is pressure sensitive. This means that "pressure" is required for a good adhesion to the wall panel. Then, by pulling the protective paper off the other side, you can mount the adhesive surface against the wall. Use the bubble level to level the wall panel. After you have laid the first wall panel and pressed it well, you can lay each adjacent panel, like a puzzle, and you do not really need the bubble level anymore.

How much tape to use ?

How much tape you need depends on how well your own wall "sticks", how much tape you are going to use and how long you want the wall panels to hang. The more tape you use the better the adhesion, the longer the wall panels will hang. We recommend using at least 8 strips of 6 cm tape, namely in the places indicated on the left image in step 2. With one roll of our tape, you can mount 10 wall panels in this way. However, if you use the maximum amount of tape, as shown in the right-hand illustration in step 2, you can install 2.5 wall panels with one roll of tape and 10 wall panels with 4 rolls of tape.

Installation V 1
PDF – 1,1 MB 281 downloads

Mounting glue

Mounting glue (kit or sealant) is an universal and elastic adhesive for mounting materials against walls, floors and ceilings. The adhesive is also a filler and thus fills in evennesses, so that uneven connections that do not fit exactly are mounted securely. The adhesive carries the material being glued and absorbs the effects of the materials so they do not come loose. You use a sealant gun to empty the mounting glue tube. Apply the glue in dots and/or stripes on the wall panel and then place the wall panel against the wall and press. Mounting glues from Bison, Pattex, Soudal and Bostik are good adhesives and available in most "do-it yourself" stores.

Glue gun

A glue gun works in combination with glue sticks. Because the glue is heated, this glue is sometimes called hot melt glue. A major advantage of working with a glue gun is that you can work accurately and quickly. In addition, you have less chance of getting sticky fingers. Apply the glue in dots and/or stripes to the wall panel and then place the wall panel against the wall and press. Glue guns and sticks from Bison, Stanley, Rapid and Dremel are available in most "do-it yourself" stores.