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WALLFELT is the new trendy sustainable wall decoration

WALLFELT is new in the interior decoration business and is a wonderful affordable alternative to the usual, existing wall coverings. It gives the interior of your home or office a totally different atmosphere in an instant. WALLFELT is suitable for every room. From living room to bedroom to children's room. Moreover, it fits into any living style. From vintage, rural and industrial, to Bohemian, Scandinavian, classic, modern and design.

Modular System

WALLFELT is available in 7 different colors: white, gray, anthracite, red, green, yellow and blue. WALLFELT has a unique 3D shape and a size of 50 by 50 cm. WALLFELT can be easily combined with itself or with other colors. The modular system allows anyone to create, change or expand their own pattern. Creative with LEGO, so to speak.

Polyester felt

WALLFELT is made entirely of polyester felt which absorbs light due to its surface structure. Striking light rays are only minimally reflected. The result is that the felt has a pleasantly soft and matte appearance, especially on walls. It therefore has a warm, calming and spatial effect. Felt breathes and therefore has a beneficial effect on the quality of indoor air. By absorbing excess moisture and later releasing it back into the room air, it helps regulate the humidity in rooms.

WALLFELT is affordable

The development of WALLFELT has taken 5 years. By choosing the right materials and developing the innovative process, we have succeeded in producing an affordable 3D wall panel. WALLFELT costs, depending on the color, between €12.95 and €14.95 per panel. WALLFELT is made in Europe, in Italy, the land of design!

WALLFELT is easy to use

Anyone can assemble the wall panels themselves. Simply and quickly. No special tools or drilling are needed. You stick the panels to the wall with the supplied double-sided tape. The panels can also be easily removed from the wall. How easy do you want it to be? Easy peasy - a child can do the laundry!

WALLFELT is sustainable

Sustainability is an important core value for us. We also act accordingly. WALLFELT consists of 50% recycled polyester felt and is 100% recyclable. We take care of the recycling of the wall panel. You can hand in the wall panels after a minimum of 6 months and order new colors with 15% discount. How cool is that?